January 11, 2015

What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT)










Thank you to everyone who has participated in our  WAYWT. This album is a great reminder of how each and every one of these is Original Content, and without your participation, this place would be none the better. Many of those who have made this album have “graduated” throughout the years, from guys who didn’t quite know what they were looking for to having developed a strong sense of personal style.



There will be people who wander in here and will react along the lines of:

“I don’t like that”
“I don’t understand that”
“That looks ugly”

and that is completely fine, but I would push you to understand that there is an incredible spectrum of what we consider to be “fashion”.

For some, it’s a tool to advance their social position. For others, it’s about looking professional. Some just want to be a “steal your girl” guy. Many just don’t want to look like shit. But for many of those who are presented here in this album, this is a hobby, a passion, and personal expression that goes beyond the typical fashion archetype. In these ranges, most, if not all that you see here is deliberate.

There is a lot of time, effort, and yes money, that is dedicated to something we love. Please take a moment to consider that these people are giving you a chance to see a part of their world, and we would ask you to respect that.

Are there fits that probably “don’t belong” in our Top Of? From a binary perspective, yeah, but just as in fashion itself, there are no absolutes. We are a living and breathing community, and that is also reflected in the album above. We also have a tremendous lurkbase. The format is the format and there is nothing we can do about that. Quite frankly, this issue exists across all public fashion communities. No one is getting prize money here, we are just sharing with each other.

I’ve been here for a minute and it is still truly inspiring to see the range of fits and styles that we have actively participating around here, there is a lot to be learned just by observing.

If you see this and are curious about this, and would like to get your toes wet:

  • An Intro
  • Basic Wardrobe
  • Developing Personal Style
  • Understanding Unconventional Fit

For all the regulars that are here, you posted a fit so go ahead and talk to each other. But be nice ????

Be Curious, Not Judgemental

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